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Our Mulch 

Our mulch is affordable, nutrient rich and suitable for any application, whether you’re mulching an existing residential garden, landscape development or large-scale rehabilitation project. No matter your mulching requirements, we can deliver the quality and quantity desired at a price suited to your budget.

Our Aged Arbor mulch is created from 100% recycled tree pruning's and is highly sought-after by home gardeners. This nutrient-rich mulch offers impressive moisture retention, weed suppression, and enhances organic material to encourage beneficial microbes. It is an ideal choice for a variety of gardening needs.

Aged Arbor Mulch 

Our Aged Arbor mulch is derived from 100% recycled tree pruning's (woodchip), that are produced daily during tree pruning works.


This nutrient-rich, aged mulch is a popular product with home gardeners. It provides effective moisture retention, weed suppression, increases organic material promoting beneficial microbes, making it ideal for a range of gardening requirements.


A layer of this mulch applied on your garden beds to a thickness of 100mm is ideal to provide great moisture retention, weed suppression and increased organic material to your soil as it breaks down.

Black Budget Mulch 

The Black Budget Mulch is Perth Mulch Sales most budget friendly product.

Dark in appearance and rich in nutrients the Black Budget Mulch is a mix of organic materials, processed aged tree waste and peat. Free from pathogens and weed materials. 

The benefits of Black Budget Mulch include weed suppression, water retention and nutrients to promote plant growth in addition to the general aesthetics of your garden. Black Budget Mulch can also be used as a soil conditioner due to its finer grade. 

Black Budget Mulch, a dark and nutrient-rich product. Made from a blend of organic materials, processed aged tree waste, and peat, it is pathogen and weed-free. Its finer grade allows it to be used as a soil conditioner, enhancing the overall appearance of your garden.
Enviro Mulch is our top-tier Premium Grade mulch, surpassing our other recycled mulch options. Through a meticulous composting process lasting six to twelve months, it is enriched with abundant nutrients and beneficial microbes, greatly benefiting soil health. After chipping, it is re-processed into a finer grade.

Enviro Mulch 

Enviro Mulch is our Premium Grade mulch and the most superior of our recycled mulch products.

This is no ordinary mulch. It has been carefully composted over an extended period to enhance the amount of available nutrients and levels of beneficial microbes that make an instant impact on your soil health!

After its initial chipping, it is composted for six to twelve months then re-processed into a finer grade. This will improve any soil it is applied to and add organic material at a much quicker rate than our other products, this makes it an excellent soil conditioner.

Forest Mulch

Our Forest Mulch is the by-product of recycled vegetation. It provides an excellent alternative and offers a wide range of benefits.

Forest Mulch has much courser particles than our three other mulch products, which makes it an excellent choice for erosion control, weed suppression and moisture retention, it is especially useful on embankments and larger areas.

Forest Mulch, derived from recycled vegetation, presents a versatile and advantageous option. With its coarser particles compared to our other mulch products, it excels in erosion control, weed suppression, and moisture retention. Ideal for embankments and larger areas, Forest Mulch offers a superior alternative for a variety of landscaping needs.
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