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Welcome to Perth Mulch Sales

Vision of Reducing Tree Waste and Repurposing Mindfully 

Perth Mulch Sales is committed to sustainability. We source 100% recycled, fully sustainable timber and mulch from a variety of sources, specifically the by-products from the Arboriculture Industry.

Benefits of Our Mulch 

There are many advantages of adding mulch to a garden area, besides making the garden more attractive. All of our mulch products offer their own unique set of features and benefits, but within our entire range we offer at least one of the following benefits:

✔ Helps retain soil moisture

✔ Packed full of nutrients to optimise plant growth

✔ Controls and suppresses weed growth

✔ Aesthetically pleasing 

✔ Reduces evaporation, reducing the number of times you water your plants

✔ Allows water to penetrate evenly

✔ Protects your garden soil from erosion

✔ Prevents the transfer of soil borne plant diseases

✔ Encourages earthworms and microbes

✔ Helps encourage growing conditions

✔ Helps deeper root growth

✔ Pest control properties 

✔ Helps restore turf vitality

Mulch Chippings

Our Latest Projects  

Aged Arbor Mulch
Glendalough Station
Glendalough Station
Glendalough Station
Glendalough Station
Aged Arbor Mulch
Aged Arbor Mulch
Aged Arbor Mulch

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